Very Last Post of 10th Grade

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the year has finally come to an end. Of course, we have finals the FOUR DAYS BEFORE we graduate which is really disturbing. Not to mention, I’ve got really hard finals. Asian Studies, World Geo, English, Chemistry, Alg2, Spanish, and PE. (PE is no biggie.) Anyways, what I’m really afraid of is…..Ch…no Worl….no Span…. no… actually pretty much every final there is except for PE-_-. I have a feeling that all the finals are going to be really hard and that I should spend a lot of time preparing for them.

Well, during this year, I’ve learned a load of stuff. From solving gas laws in Chemistry, to learning about DIDLS in English, to playing water polo in PE, I’ve learned my share. In English, I think I learned something really important. I learned how to write a proper thesis sentence, which will come very handy in the future while writing the numerous numbers of essays yet to come. T_T Also, I learned a really useful tool called DIDLS. Which stands for….. uh… Diction, Imagery, Details, Language, and syntax. This proved to be really helpful while analyzing or reading a quote or a novel. I think it’s most helpful when reading a book that has several hard words or a story with a hard plot to understand. I “sort of” tried DIDLS out for a book The Road by Cormac McCarthy (which came out as a movie =]) because the story plot was really hard to understand in the beginning and the several words were pretty confusing. But, with the help of DIDLS I managed to read the whole thing without a problem. haha. Also I learned a little something called “family” from English class. Our English class really felt like a family. We laughed together, we watched movies together, we tried stealing chips from each other, etc. And every class I don’t feel uncomfortable with almost anyone in the classroom. So yeah. Family gooood.

Anyways, that’s all for no. But, I think I’ll start blogging again when some new mangas (comics) come out. A lot of them are on hiatus or something so it’s really annoying. 😦

I think I’ll miss 10th grade because from what I’ve heard from the juniors, their life is pretty hellish. sigh.



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We watched two Dracula movies last Friday. It was SUPPOSED to be a vacation, actually, but noooooo~ we had to make up for the days we missed out on snow days. We had to take ALL SEVEN CLASSES ON FRIDAY which really sucked. Well I guess it wasn’t TOO bad. We watched “The Breakfast Club” in our Chem Class and two Dracula movies in English class. I would totally recommend The Breakfast Club and the Dracula movies…yeah….with love <3.Oh and Megan G. brought Ruffles and Oreos during the Dracula movie which made up for the suckish day. Well, we saw two versions of the movie. One was made in the 1922..?

the 1931 version cheeeeeeeesy black and white

I actually forgot the years, but one was pretty old (black and white), while the other was a little old, somewhere in the 1990s. They were both really weird. In the first part of the book, the story revolved around Jonathan Harker who stupidly goes into Dracula’s castle, and stays there forever, until he gets some sense that the host, Dracula, is trying to suck him dry. In the MOVIE, the movie revolved around Mr. Renfield, who is a mental patient in the book. When this was revealed in the movie, everyone in my class was like, “GASPPPPPP WTFUDGE? (I said fudge)” And I’m sure some people dropped their drinks and chips because of the shock! The old film actually amused me because of the stupidity of Renfield. I think if I woke up in a dark, scary castle with spider webs all over the place, I would totally leave. Not to mention, the freaky host with bad pronunciation..brr… But, like many main characters do so infamously, they ignore all the scary details and just continue. That was pretty funny. There were a lot of similarities in both the movies. For one, they both had similar gothic elements, like darkness, the scary setting, etc. Another, the main character seems to be REALLY stupid or REALLY brave. That’s what I was thinking about during the movie.

Well, I guess I’m done πŸ™‚ ciassou

1992 version of Dracula

What i like about LEARNING*snort*

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This one really caught me off guard. Gar! Well, I guess there are SOME things I like about learning (bass guitar, new games, and uh….sentence patterns,ofΒ  course!). But, really, there isn’t a lot that’s so hot about learning. Even though it’s going to be a little cheesy, just listen up.

Oh yeah. I love learning. Yep ❀

Well, what I LOVEE about learning is how I can apply it to my life later on. For example grammar! If I never learnt grammar, me would be speak lyk this! But, thanks to the power of English classes, I’m all right…. for now. The grammar keeps getting harder and harder as I advance a level! But, still, it really feels good when I can correct someone if they say something with wrong grammar :). It’s really fun, actually. Your friend could be talking to you about something and if you find a mistake with his sentence. Instead of responding to what he said, just correct his grammar and see how he or she reacts! Ha ha. Another thing I ❀ about learning is how I can teach another person what I’ve learned. For example, my friend once taught me how to convert an avi movie file to a mp4 file so I can put it in my ipod. Every since then, I’ve been using the same program to convert it. One day, my dad got an iPhone and asked me why he couldn’t put some movies into his iPhone. The problem was that he was trying to put AVI movie files into an iPhone, which you can’t! (yeah it sucks… I know..) So I used my KNOWLEDGE that I LEARNED from another DUDE and taught my dad the same program. So now if I look at his computer, he has a lot of MP4 movies to put into his iPhone. My mom tells me that I shouldn’t have, but I’m learning, right? Haha

Well that’s it for now.. ciassou

My weakness?

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Well it’s not really related to English class, but maybe a lack of concentration? Well, I guess it doesΒ  indirectly affect my classes. Like for example, while I’m working or studying for a test. I think I’m really easily distracted from many things while I’m working. Some things are, my iPod, and 100%, my macbook. If someone starts IMing me and has something interesting to talk about, I usually get tempted to listening to what they’re saying and will PROBABLY start talking with them. This sometimes even extends to going into facebook or playing games with my friends. I think this is really seriously a bad weakness of mine.


wow =_=fudgeml-_-

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This Friday I went to hang out with my friends in a nearby PC room. We enjoyed, had fun, and just relaxed! After we finished playing, we paid for our fees and got out.

woohoo pc bang! πŸ™‚

Then we realized we were all quite hungry so we spent about 20 minutes on what we should eat. I didn’t really see what the point was, seeing how we were going to eat McDonald’s like we always did after going to the PC room. And as usual, we went to McDonalds.e

Everyone: Where are we gonna eat~? (for 20 minutes)

Oh yeah, did I fail to mention that someone took 20 thousand won from my wallet in the PC room? Well someone did-_- and that really pissed me off. I don’t even remember me getting out my seat except when I got ramen. The thief must have been a ninja or something=_=.

Ninja thief omg

Anyways, we were all eating in McDonald’s when three girls from KIS came in – Britney, Stella, Deborah – also to eat a quick dinner in McDonald’s. While we were all eating they took a video of us, saying that it was for their Asian Studies project. After eating, Jae, Brian, Nick, and I thought about sleeping over at Jae’s house, due to him being home alone. I thought about it, and I thought my mom wouldn’t allow me to sleep over, so I just rode the bus home. On the bus, I fell asleep. But, get this, I woke up exactly when my stop came! I sort of panicked and asked the bus driver to let me off. In a nearby convenience store, I bought myself a drink. I thought the day was pretty okay – except the 20 000 won theft – so I was cheerfully walking home, when I remembered that I had a swimming bag BEFORE I rode the bus, and NOW I wasn’t carrying one. I found out that I left it in the bus-_-. Then my mom came home and she said it would’ve been alright if I had slept over at Jae’s house. SO pretty much, it was a sad day. The loss of 20 000 won and my swimming bag. GG

GG day

What i lovee?

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Well I guess I missed this blogpost…again. Anyways, this is sort of an open topic so I’ll just talk about what I love. Sometimes on a Friday, I would hang out with my friends and go to Sunae. About seven or eight people go at a time, and we all go to the PC bang. If you don’t know what a PC bang is, it’s pretty much like a PC cafe, except mostly kids and teenagers go there to play online games together. There’s a non-smoking zone and a smoking allowed zone. Usually if the non-smoking zone is full, people go to the smoking allowed zone, risking their clothes smelling like cigarettes. If someone gets hungry once in a while, there’s always small snacks to buy like sodas, bags of chips, and ramen. Nowadays, the computers in the PC bangs are quite fast so it’s really fun to play with speedy computers.

Normal PC bangs


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